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Veertly is a technology company that enables event organizers to create meaningful event experiences. We deliver a wide range of services through our Marketplace via our Partners. Our Partners are event agencies & event service providers, event venues, software providers and anyone who can benefit from leveling their services up with a technology offering for online or hybrid event experiences.

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Become a Veertly partner or ambassador

For event agencies

Veertly's Partner Program offers you a great opportunity to extend your offerings, and out-of-the-box become a technology service provider.


Get in touch and learn more about our white-label solution and referral offering. We can also add your services to our Marketplace.

For training and education providers

Get in touch and learn more about our partnership deals and referral agreements!


Veertly's Partner Program comes with live support from our Customer Success team to ensure you get the best possible experience. Embed the tools you need to collaborate and interact in your sessions.

For software solutions

You would like to add a video-conferencing or real-time collaboration layer to your software tool? We already partner with digital whiteboard solutions, networking tools, 3D providers, ticketing systems and many more!


Let's elaborate how we can join forces and create a win-win situation by connecting two powerful software solutions. 

For everyone else

Do you love the Veertly event tech solution and would like to become an ambassador?


Join our partner program, collect a commission for each referral and experience additional benefits as part of the Veertly community!

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