Full control over your virtual event

Easily register attendees and restrict access where needed. 

Make it invite-only


Make it invite-only

Change between free access, password protection, or a guest list with a simple click.

Easily collect attendee information


Securely collect attendee information

Build a custom registration page to collect attendee information. You can even embed the registration on your own page.

All data is stored safely on our EU servers.

Restrict access to paid content


Restrict access to paid content

Easily assign tags to attendees to control which sections in the event they can access.

Get detailed analytics on your event


Get detailed analytics on your event

See how many attendees are present and how they're interacting with your event.

Allow others to build the event with you


Allow others to build the event with you

Let sponsors customize their booth, team members help you out, or speakers tweak their rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cast your troubles on us! Let's keep it related to access control though.

Can we send attendees a unique access code?

Of course! With the guest list feature, each attendee will automatically get a unique link for entering the event.

Can we customize the registration page?

Yes! You can create a 100% custom form, write and format your event story and add any type of media.

Will I be able to export attendee data?

Yes, all attendee data can be exported to a .csv file with the click of a button.

All attendee data is safely stored on EU servers.

That's virtual event freedom

Someone else's event is already out there. It's time to build your very own.