The most flexible platform for your hybrid & online events and digital interactions

Veertly provides a modular all-in-one platform that satisfies all your needs for digital collaboration.

It’s like a Swiss army knife – combining the right tools!

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Virtual event experience like never before

Showcase your brand

Easily customize your event according to your corporate brand guidelines. Broadcast your ideas to attendees through our Main Stage.

Built for collaboration

Create rooms for workshops, group talks, masterminds, and breakout sessions. Integrate your favorite apps for better collaboration.

Endless customization

Boost your event experience with Q&As and polls, custom registration, sponsor integration, and interactive solutions for hybrid events.

We have the features for your needs

Conference Conference-1

For conferences

The most interactive conference experience online that you can customize fully to your needs.

Workshops Workshops-1

For workshops

Online workshops are exclusively designed for a live collaboration with interactive in-event networking and other apps.

Hybrid Hybrid-1

For hybrid events and venues

Expand your reach and upgrade your physical event with virtual features, regardless of your in-person event setup.

Team-2 Team-3

For team events

Create an unforgettable team event experience with endless customization options, virtual interactions that feel like in-person experiences, and more.

Venue_1 Venue_1-1

For expos and fairs

Create your virtual expo event without limitations of location and attract attendees and exhibitors globally.

Sales Sales-1

For sales engagements

Showcase your products or services with an immersive pre-sales experience through our virtual sales platform and gain valuable insights about your customers.

Venue Venue-1

For venues

Increase the offering of your event space with extra capabilities. Generate new revenue streams with an easy-to-use, flexible digital platform that is fully tailored to your venue.

Agency Agency-1

For event agencies

Create extra recurring revenue for your event agency and transforms into a tech company with Veertly. Our platform is highly customizable to your clients' needs, and it is one-fits-all to any event setup.

Build the event you always wanted

Your brand. Your rules. Your event.

Veertly is the most flexible virtual event platform. Set up your own event with a few clicks. Customize your event fully to your brand values. Create the event you always wanted without any compromises.

  • Virtual event cockpit with endless customization features
  • Backdoor access to prepare and polish your event before your attendees join
  • Pre-defined event templates to get started

Vast possibilities for any event types

Veertly is highly adaptable to any use case. No matter what type of event you want to organize, our platform got you covered. Create a town hall, conference or hybrid event for thousands of attendees, a collaborative workshop, or even an engaging small team gathering.

  • Fully customizable event setup
  • Live in-event adaptability
  • Built-in networking, collaboration, and interactive features

Power up your event with endless integrations

Veertly offers almost endless integrations of apps that you can embed to your event. Plugin your favourite tools to give a more robust experience to your event. Collaborate on digital whiteboards, documents, videos, play games with peers, or even create immersive 3D event experiences - Veertly allows you to do so. 

  • Embeddable features for collaboration, streaming, and more
  • Modular options to use integrations during your event
  • Upgraded experience for a full 3D event show

What our clients are saying

Sophie Münzberg

Impact Hub Germany

Veertly empowered us to host the very first nationwide online Climathon: 7 Impact Hubs, 24 partnering organizations, 400 participants from all across Germany, one tool to unite us all.


Maria Eichkorn

Personio GmbH

Veertly is a great solution for us to create an emotional, interactive, fun, and highly professional virtual Christmas Event for our 550 Employees. The outstanding effort and engagement from the team were priceless. Thank you for this great experience! We will definitely use this solution again!


Achim Haller

Teamgeist AG

Finally, we have the platform that we could not have dreamed of better and if the reality and the dream still do not quite match, Veertly makes every week new dreams come true. Thanks to the whole team and keep up the good work!


Daniel Dobos


Veertly enables smooth facilitation of any kind of online event through a great platform with rich functionality. The integration of gluoNNet's TV-grade webcast into Veertly's platform offers the participants a unique experience.


Cécile Tardy

DayOne Accelerator

We used the Veertly platform for the DayOne Accelerator program. It had the flexibility and functionality that allowed us to work in plenary sessions and smaller groups for an intensive bootcamp, workshops, cohort, and coaching calls. Guest speakers and guest companies were able to join and use the platform easily. The best rating is perhaps that a number of ventures used the platform to work with their team members who weren’t part of the program.


Henrike Cain

Dr. Kraus & Partner

Veertly is a very easy-to-use and intuitive platform that helped us create a very engaging and unique online event. I was surprised by how well the informal networking in the various rooms worked and how easy it was for the participants to “walk-around” and host their own sessions.

Thousands of events were hosted on the Veertly platform
events hosted on Veertly
Veertly is a very intuitive online event platform for attendees
Clients love the flexibility of the Veertly platform for hybrid events
Organizers trust our platform

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