Working at Veertly

At Veertly we cherish creativity, personal growth, flat hierarchies, and diversity. We are team players who believe that best results can be achieved by working together. We offer flexible work hours, weekly team events and unlimited vacation days.

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Remote team

It is a remote world

We are a fully remote company, allowing us to work from anywhere, at any time. Working remotely not only gives us flexibility, but makes our team more productive, creative, and autonomous.

At Veertly we believe that a great work-life balance is essential for employee’s happiness and that work hours should be a matter of choice.

Benefits and perks we all share

  • New Work Environment 2.0
  • People first
  • Growth / Personal Development

New Work Environment 2.0

  • 100% Remote
  • Mobile Workplace Allowance
  • Unlimited Vacation Policy
  • Flexible Working Times
  • Working from anywhere (internet connection required)
  • Company-wide off-site workshops and pop-up-offices

People first

  • In-depth feedback sessions
  • Creation of a personal development plan
  • Monthly team events
  • Off-work sessions: yoga, stretching, sport activities from certified trainers and more
  • (Bi-)annual pop-up offices in different locations across the world

Growth / Personal Development

  • Get trainings
  • Learn several aspects of business
  • Taking over responsibility from day one
  • Working closely with the co-founders
  • Regular professional team building activities

The people behind Veertly

We are a fully remote team made up by a diverse group of individuals from all over the world. Being fully remote allowed us to have a unique blend of cultures, languages, and nationalities.


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