Not like in-person. But pretty damn close.

Your attendees want virtual events to feel like the real deal. Get closer to it with Veertly.

The basics_ Video and chat-1


The basics: Video & chat

Smooooth video and chat functionalities built into the platform. So simple you won't even think about it.

Shuffle attendees to rooms


Shuffle attendees to rooms

When it's time to mingle, you can shuffle or drag & drop attendees between rooms. Then bring them back to the main stage with one click.

Feel the community with live reactions


Feel the community with live reactions

"Feels just like Instagram Live." Actual words we hear from our attendees.

Attendees can see whos in rooms


Attendees can see who's in rooms

Sounds like a small feature. But it creates the sense of being part of a larger event, almost like in real life.

Social Media Wall-1


Add social media interaction

Bring social media conversations right to your event by including a social wall. Easily hide posts that don't meet your quality standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about interaction features? Don't be shy, now.

Can we also use other video tools?

For sure. Aside from the default Veertly video conferencing, our customers often integrate Zoom or Restream into their events.

For a full list of integrations, check out our marketplace.

Do attendees need to log in before using networking apps?

No, they only need to log in to Veertly once. After that, they can use apps right in the event.

No more boring virtual events

We've all been to one. Don't let yours be the next.