Together. Even when apart

Veertly makes online events and connections as meaningful as meeting in real life by providing an all-in-one platform for digital collaboration, anytime, anywhere, for anyone. Powerful yet simple to use, Veertly's customization and integration options make it easy to connect with others and build relationships.

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Our vision

Building bridges to connect and collaborate anywhere with anyone.

We created Veertly with limitless collaboration as our focus. Our vision is to enable everyone to collaborate and create meaningful connections without the limitations of location.

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Our story

Our founders, Alex and Joao, started Veertly in 2019 with the goal to revolutionize the meaning of online connections and virtual events. Our third co-founder, Joschka joined our journey in 2021. One of the main reasons why people attend events is to network. But networking is challenging when you do it on an online event. It is why Veertly has been created — their vision was to transform the way we do online events.

With Veertly, we are providing an all-in-one platform for collaborative online and hybrid events. Today, Veertly helps event organizers of all kinds to create memorable experiences for their attendees.

October 2019

The idea of creating authentic online connections evolved at Y Combinator startup school

March 2020

Launching Veertly and bringing the initial idea to life with a prototype

October 2020

Start of commercialization and recurring paying customers

December 2020

Veertly hosts more than 100 events
per month

October 2021

Veertly raises CHF 2m in seed financing round.

December 2021

More than 160'000 event attendees and 3'400+ events hosted on the Veertly platform in 2021 alone

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Our values

Our core values are reflected in our company, the product, and the team. They are what inspire and drive us forward. As an international remote first team, we live and work by these values. We value openness and transparency and believe that through Veertly, we do our part for the environment and the people.



We are passionate about our product and strive to provide the best customer experience for online and hybrid events. We have a can-do attitude and are flexible to quick changes.



We foster an open and transparent culture where all ideas and opinions are respected. Feedback is what moves us forward.



We believe that a diverse and international team is a key pillar to success. Each individual is respected. We create a sandbox for personal growth.



Our ambition is to change the world by affecting how people communicate without boundaries, in a way that is sustainable to our people and planet.

Our impact

At Veertly, we believe in a fair and sustainable future for everyone. We care for our planet and wish to do our part in leaving a better world behind us. As a platform for virtual and hybrid events and digital collaboration, our goal is to support a more sustainable and eco-conscious event industry. Here are just some of the benefits for the environment when moving your offline events to the cloud.

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Reducing CO2 emissions

By shifting your events to online, you save 1M+ kg of CO2 per person during a three-day conference, according to the UN.*

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Reducing waste

An average event participant generates about 2.5 pounds of waste per day. By holding your event online, you reduce unnecessary waste.*

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Increase inclusivity

Virtual events lift barriers for those who cannot attend offline events, whether it be due to lack of resources, time or physical constraints.

The people behind Veertly

We are a fully remote team made up by a diverse group of individuals from all over the world. Being fully remote allowed us to have a unique blend of cultures, languages, and nationalities.


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