Become a tech company with extra recurring revenue through our platform

Veertly is a plug & play platform that creates extra recurring revenue for your event agency and immediately transforms you into a tech company. Our platform is highly customizable to your clients' needs, and it is one-fits-all to any event setup.

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Upgrade your event business with a technology partner

Our platform can help you transform your event business into a technology company, creating extra recurring revenue streams. We act as a partner for you, supplying all the technology needs you or your clients need.



Fully customizable event technology to the needs of your clients

Our platform is flexible and highly customizable. Each event you offer to your clients can be different with little effort, thanks to our template-focused approach to delivery—ship unique experiences to your clients fast.

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A truly one-fits-all versatile platform for virtual events

Veertly's platform is highly versatile. We can deliver digital events from thousands of attendees' conferences to workshops and small team events. Based on your clients' goals, we can help you ship any kind of event virtually.

Trusted by event agencies

Xing events and Veertly create immersive event experiences
Teamgeist a partner event agency of Veertly
Pirate X Event productions partners with Veertly
Event agency Carl group uses Veertly virtual event software
Lunchpool partners with Veertly for the best virtual event experience
Veertly event software partners with GetOut Event Agency
Agency for Virtual Team Events partners with Veertly
Brutkasten Event und Innovations-Agentur

What our clients are saying

Jonas Fürste

Carl Group

We loved Veertly mainly for the collaboration element. Using integrations like Miro where we can let our attendees collaborate is seamless, easy, and very flexible to our needs


Achim Haller

Teamgeist AG

Finally, we have the platform that we could not have dreamed of better and if the reality and the dream still do not quite match, Veertly makes every week new dreams come true. Thanks to the whole team and keep up the good work!


Frederik Menge


At PirateX, we are using Veertly regularly to enhance our online events and virtual meetings. The software is always robust and stable. The team is always great to work with and is continually responsive if you need any help or assistance. What I appreciate most of all, is Veertly's quick build process, it doesn't take hours to put together an interactive experience for our event participants


Sophie Münzberg

Impact Hub Germany

Veertly empowered us to host the very first nationwide online Climathon: 7 Impact Hubs, 24 partnering organizations, 400 participants from all across Germany, one tool to unite us all.

Thousands of events were hosted on the Veertly platform
events hosted on Veertly
Veertly is a very intuitive online event platform for attendees
Clients love the flexibility of the Veertly platform for hybrid events
Organizers trust our platform

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