The most flexible platform for all your virtual event needs

Whether you want to host a virtual conference, workshop, expo, or team event, Veertly is a flexible platform that can adapt to all your needs. On top of our cutting-edge online tool, we offer a 24/7 customer service to make sure you stay in control before, during, and after your online event.

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We have the features for your needs

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Conference Conference-1

For conferences

The most interactive conference experience online that you can customize fully to your needs.

Hybrid Hybrid-1

For expos and fairs

Create your virtual expo event without limitations of location and attract attendees and exhibitors globally.

Workshops Workshops-1

For workshops

Online workshops exclusively designed for live-collaboration with interactive in-event networking and other apps.

Team-2 Team-3

For team events

Create an unforgettable team event experience with endless customization options, virtual interactions that feel like in-person experiences, and more.

Veertly is the best event tech solution for event agency Veertly partners with event agencies

For event agencies

Create extra recurring revenue for your event agency and transform it into a tech company with Veertly. Our platform is highly customizable to your clients' needs, and it is one-fits-all to any event setup.

Hybrid Hybrid events on Veertly

For hybrid events

Expand your reach and upgrade your physical event with virtual features, regardless of your in-person event setup.

Venue Venue-1

For venues

Increase the offering of your event space with extra capabilities. Generate new revenue streams with an easy-to-use, flexible digital platform that is fully tailored to your venue.

Sales Sales-1

For sales engagements

Showcase your products or services with an immersive pre-sales experience through our virtual sales platform and gain valuable insights about your customers.

Build your perfect event with our versatile features

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The most flexible event platform with endless customization options.

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Always-on customer support that lets you enjoy your event.

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Built-in interactivity features that are designed for collaboration.

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