Swisscom Broadcast acquires Veertly platform

Four years ago, we worked on the first Veertly prototype. We had the vision to connect people globally – no matter where they are – by building a digital platform that enables real connections.

Four years later we are excited to share great news:
Swisscom Broadcast will take over and continue the success of the Veertly platform.

Swisscom acquires Veertly 2

What are the benefits for you?

Swisscom Broadcast is committed to further enhancing our virtual event platform and offers you the following benefits:

  • All-in-one offering: Full-service offering incl. streaming, on-site event technology, and more
  • Professional support in multiple languages
  • Swisscom Broadcast stands for the highest quality and reliability
  • And much more

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important questions about the acquisition of the Veertly event platform by Swisscom Broadcast.

What is Swisscom Broadcast?

Swisscom Broadcast is a subsidiary of Swisscom, a major telecommunications provider in Switzerland.

The company offers the full package for digital live communication. With telecommunications, IT, streaming media, content delivery and events management services, they provide unparalleled customer experiences.

Besides their digital media offering, Swisscom Broadcast provide the infrastructure for information and communication in Switzerland and create innovative safety and security solutions.

Will Swisscom Broadcast have access to my data?

Protecting your data remains a top priority for us, and we are committed to complying with GDPR. No customer data will be shared with Swisscom Broadcast unless you explicitly opt-in by using the form above. 

Will Veertly delete my data?

Yes, Veertly will delete all your data incl. all your events on the Veertly platform in compliance with GDPR.

How can I continue to use the Veertly technology for my events?

Swisscom Broadcast will continue to run and enhance the Veertly platform. You can directly reach out to Swisscom Broadcast or alternatively, contact us and we will forward your request.

Can I still access my events and event templates on Veertly?

You can access all your information until 29.02.2024. Please make sure to export and download all information that you would like to keep incl. your event templates and attendee insights. See here how to export your event templates.

What happens if I have an active subscription?

Veertly is committed to fulfilling all running contracts. The Veertly team will reach out to all subscription owners in due course.