We empower your community to form meaningful connections with one another - without any physical limits. After all, greater accessibility leads to an engaged and stronger community! Our platform provides you the ability to democratize your events while simultaneously providing you control to make your workshops and events as engaging and interactive as ever. 

How can Veertly help?


Your benefits as an organizer

  • Easy and fast set up: Create your event in less than 5 minutes and manage registrations, agenda, speakers, sponsors and rooms. We can even customize the look of the event for you.

  • Real Time Moderation: Veertly offers tools for real time management and moderation of the event in order to maximize participation and fun :)

  • Analytics and Insights: Veertly provides the insights to evaluate and improve your event! A dashboard is provided to analyze attendance rates, engagement, and more insights.

  • Data Privacy: As a European-based company it is very important for us to protect your data and to be GDPR compliant.



What can your event attendees expect from your event on Veertly?


Main stage: We provide a virtual main stage where attendees can watch keynote speeches, presentations, and fireside chats that you can embed via a live stream (e.g. RTMP server, Youtube, Twitch, and more)  or host with our built-in video-conference solution.

Rooms: People can break-out into separate ‘topic rooms’. You decide whether your audience can create their own topic rooms or if you want to pre-define these rooms and you can manage your attendees. This is awesome for workshops, sub-presentations of the main event and can be used as sponsor booths. One room can host up to 75 people.


Networking: Attendees can start 1:1 video-chats as well as group conversations in rooms with other event attendees. Filtering of attendees is possible to enable even more meaningful connections. Experience the seamless switch between rooms and conversations and feel the magic of Veertly!

More features: Event chat to broadcast messages and Q&A, integration of social media profiles for every attendee (virtual business cards), event registration, password protection, and sponsor integration​. We also got some interactive solutions for hybrid events!




How do you set up your event?

Click on the button below, and simply fill out your event info! In under five minutes, you can get your event up and going!