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Customize your event just how you like it

With Veertly, you can integrate many apps within our platform; this includes collaboration tools such as Google Docs, and other interactive apps such as Kahoot! This increases engagement among your attendees and makes the event experience memorable for everyone!

It's often confusing for your attendees to know where to go. In person, you can easily direct which rooms they go into and call them back to the main stage. But how do you do this virtually?

With our breakout rooms, and managing attendees feature, you can easily ensure that no one will be lost during your event! Check out more about this feature here.

With a growing understanding of the importance of customization and brand image/presence, we have implemented features that enable you to change the appearance of the platform’s interface to remain consistent with your brand!

You can customize the look and feel as well as the functionalities of your event. Check out the video or learn more here.

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