Use Case: Sports Events

Sports events attract millions of people all over the world. With many fans not able to physically attend venues, either due to distance, cost, or more recently the Covid-19 pandemic, Veertly can help create virtual sports events that let fans enjoy remotely without losing the social aspect of the experience.

Benefits of using Veertly for your sports event:

  • Connect with other fans, colleagues, friends and family;

  • Watch a game in a large group;

  • Create fan rooms for each team or even supporter club to meet;

  • Adjust the look and feel to your own team or sports event;

  • Customize and embed apps to create engagement and games for fun;

  • Get conceptual and live support from our customer success managers;

  • Attract attention with polls and broadcasting messages.

  • Provide your sponsors their own to increase brand engagement.

People who have used Veertly for their sports event:

“Great watch event for the Super Bowl game. I liked that I was able to interact with my friends prior and during the game. Intuitive guidance throughout the platform."


Jakob Renk

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