Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs

Do I need to sign-up to use Veertly?

No, you can simply join any virtual event as a guest and share only the information that you'd like to share.

Do I need to download any software to attend events?

Not at all, just open the link with your browser (preferably Chrome), and you're all set!

Can I use my mobile phone to attend events on Veertly?

Unfortunately, you can only get the full Veertly experience on your laptop, PC, or tablet for now. However, we are working on improving your mobile Veertly experience. In order to give you a work-around, we recommend you to download the 'Jitsi Meet' app. If you decide to enter the main stage or a conversation through your phone, you will be forwarded to your 'Jitsi Meet' mobile app to join the video call.

Event Support FAQs

My camera and microphone aren't working, what do I do?

This may be because you have not granted permissions to Veertly to use your video and camera! 1. Allow Veertly to access your camera and microphone when prompted. 2. If you blocked the access to the camera and microphone for any reason, you can enable it again by clicking on the camera icon or on the right side of the URL address bar or on the lock on the left side of your URL bar. 3. After clicking done, you need to refresh your page to give Veertly access to your camera and microphone.

My browser is not fully supported - what does that mean?

Veertly works best by using the most updated version of the Chrome browser. By using other browsers (e.g. Firefox, Safari), the event may run well, but some functionalities might not be perfectly displayed. When using a browser that does not support WebRTC (e.g. Internet Explorer) or older versions of other browsers, your event experience will not run very smoothly.

What does the 'Available/Do Not Disturb' toggle on the top bar do?

If you are not in a conversation and you indicate that you are 'available', other attendees have the ability to start a video call with you and your avatar will automatically appear in the 'Networking' section. If you are in the 'Do not disturb' mode, you will not be approached by anyone via video call.

How do I update my profile?

Click on your avatar at the top-right of the screen and click 'Edit profile'. Your profile enables you to show your occupation, your interests, and your social media profiles (which acts as a virtual business card). When having your profile updated, you are more likely to be engaged with more meaningful conversations with other attendees!

Data Privacy FAQs

What personal data does Veertly store about me?

Veertly collects and stores only the personal information that you will share on your profile page when logging in or joining an event. Currently this includes first name, last name, occupation, links to social media profiles, interests. Note that only the first name, but no other information, is mandatory when joining Veertly!

How will my data be processed?

The data that you have agreed to share with us will be stored in our database in order to provide you with a better experience on Veertly. This means the next time when you log in for another event, you do not need to provide the same information again. Furthermore, the more information you share, the better your networking experience will be!

How can I delete the data that is stored about me?

Your data is stored securely with us. However, if you would like to know what information we have stored about you, or if you would like us to delete your personal data, please send us an email to and we will take care of this.

Who will get access to my data?

Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties. However, all other attendees at the same event will be able to see the information that you have publicly shared, such as your name and occupation. Attendees of other events will of course not be able to see your data. In addition, we are using Analytics tools, such as Google Analytics (a web analysis service created by Google Inc), which uses cookies (under your permission) to conduct website analysis. Veertly will only use such data for analytical purposes. For more information please read our privacy policy.

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